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Kitchen Music

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I LOVE music. In fact, everyone in my family LOVES music. I cannot fathom the idea of entering a kitchen and cooking without it. So, once per month, I’ll give you a peek into what I’m listening to while I cook. I’m partial to all genres of “old school” – soul, alternative rock, hip-hop, but with youngins in the house, I can’t promise that no new music will creep into this list!

And, the best part, we’ll happily take your requests! Feel free to share your playlists with us by tagging @SimplySouperlicious in your Instagram stories using #SouperMusic. We’re even up for creating and sharing our own version of Verzuz matchups to share with you while we’re getting food ready.

Simply Souperlicious Kitchen Music Playlists

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