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Taste Soups

Simply Souperlicious’ “Soup up Your Start-up” @EPFL Innovation Park on 15 September 2020!

Simply Souperlicious is a proud sponsor of the “Brown Bag Lunch” series.  Enjoy a nice bowl of local, seasonal, homemade soup – FREE to accompany your sandwich. Let’s learn while we eat!

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Simply Souperlicious For Your Office

​Do you enjoy soup at lunch as much as we do?  Sure, you do and soup is a quick and healthy way to eat while on the go. But, nourishing yourself starts with a little “taste”! We at Simply Souperlicious are always delighted to provide you and your colleagues with a sample of our healthy, homemade soups! 

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Simply Souperlicious For Your Restaurant

In addition to building a community around veggies and soups, Simply Souperlicious also creates, supplies and delivers delicious, fresh and healthy, custom vegan/vegetarian, soups and recipes to the local B2B snack/restaurant/food truck communities throughout the Lac Léman region (Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, Yverdon) in Switzerland. Made fresh each day, Simply Souperlicious has the perfect soup to complement  your sandwich or lunch options. If you have a special request for soup recipes, we can make soups just for you!

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Simply Souperlicious’ “Soup Talk”

Do you love soup as much as we do? Then you’re invited! Talk soup is sharing a bowl of hearty soup and conversation, but more importantly, it’s a place where both young and mature professional women can come, de-stress from their workday (talk about their challenges and triumphs) before going home to their families.  We will cover topics related to women in the workplace, entrepreneurship, share our challenges, victories and hopefully find resolutions, network and end the night by sharing a bowl of hearty soup together. Let’s get together and widen our network over soup! You even get to vote on what type we’ll make together!

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Simply Souperlicious’ “Talk Soup Tuesdays Online”

​Social distancing due to the COVID-19 forces many of us to telework. But, even though you’re working in a virtual environment, you don’t have a eat alone.  Sit at the Simply Souperlicious Lunch/Dinner table and share a a hearty bowl of soup (or whatever you’re eating) and conversation via Zoom!  Every Tuesday from 12 pm – 1 pm (Central Time),  join us when you can for free-for-all discussion to share greetings/check-ins, talk about your day, or just be silly over a meal. Kids are welcomed! Human connection matters so let’s get together and widen our community over soup and food!

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