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About Simply Souperlicious!

Simply Souperlicious is one French-American expat family's journey to eating better by making homemade soups!

Our Homemade Soups Start with Local, Seasonal Vegetables

From “yucky” to “yummy”, Simply Souperlicious’ aim is to change your mind about veggies — one local, homemade soup at a time!  We live to discover local + seasonal + sustainable vegetables and fruits.

That’s why we focus on preparing fresh, homemade soups out of veggies that people convince themselves they dislike. Although we are a family of “flexitarians”, we regularly and happily prepare both vegetarian and vegan soup recipes as options. The result: healthy, tasty, easy, & fast soups. Nourish yourself with these new recipes!

Our Mission

Why Soups

Experts at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that people consume between five and nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Obviously, following these recommended guidelines prove challenging for many adults and their families because studies show that less than nine percent of Americans manage to eat two to three cups of vegetables every day as recommended.

Soups Can Be

What We Believe

Our belief is most people do want to prepare and consume healthier meals, brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables. They recognize that so many illnesses or barriers to healthy living are intricately linked to the foods that they are eating – too many highly processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables. We believe people want to live longer, healthier lives, and in order to do this, they know that they need to eat in a more organic, farm-to-table manner.

However, most people are lost on how to achieve this, and there are many obstacles, namely:

Our Approach to Cooking

At Simply Souperlicious, we aim to change your mind about veggies — one soup at a time. But, soup discovery, for us, is like a journey.

So every month, we ‘re going to:

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Wellness is for everyone

At Simply Souperlicious, we believe you can re-learn to love veggies and making soups provide a great re-introduction to foods that you didn’t even know that you could love. There are shortcuts to eating better, and committing to eating better gets easier in steps.

Knowing that there other families of finicky eaters out there who are also willing to take those steps with us makes both the challenge and journey worthwhile. One of the easiest first steps toward adding more vegetables to the diet is by making soups – which is always an available option.

Discover Our Recipes