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For the Love of Food 

It’s been a hard year for most of us and it’s only February. Aside from the fact that 2020 seemed to be somewhat a write off, it doesn’t look like 2021 is going to be much better if the first month of the year is anything to go by. 

But, it’s February, the month to spread a little love and tell those we care about the most that they mean a lot. I’m sure there’s no better way to do that than with food. Food brings us together, at the best and the worst times. 

Food together as a family 

Some of my greatest experiences with my family have been round a dinner table and I probably guess it’s the same for you. Let’s take Christmas for example. Once you pass childhood, opening presents isn’t the most exciting part of the day, eating dinner is. That’s not just because Christmas dinner is one of the single most delicious meals ever, it’s because you’re surrounded by family. 

Whenever there is a special occasion in my family the day revolves around food. Well at least it does for me. There’s nothing better than sitting with your family, laughing, chatting and enjoying delicious food, and you know it. 

Now I’ll stop making you sad by talking about all of these incredible food memories we’re all missing out on. Let’s talk about some ways food can bring us together, despite circumstances. 

Zoom food calls 

It might not be quite the same as having everyone round at the same dinner table, but we have to compromise. Picture the scene, it’s Saturday night and you’re at home in your pyjamas about to crack a film on, when suddenly you hear shouting and laughing behind you. That’s your friends on the Zoom call, all prepped with their takeaway pizza and you’re about to have a film night. 

You’ve each ordered your favourite takeaway, got the snacks in and you’re ready to hit play at the exact same time. Just hope you don’t have slow internet or you’ll be 10 seconds behind everyone else laughing. Now let food bring you together, virtually. 

Send care packages 

Could you think of anything better than opening your front door to a hamper full of food? Neither could I. So why not do that for someone you care about? It’s a lonely time for many and I can almost guarantee sending someone their favourite food is bound to put at least a small smile on their face. 

You could make it even better by giving produce from local shops and sellers. Of course, no one’s going to complain if you Prime a package of food, but you’ll be helping even more businesses if you opt for hampers and foods from local bakeries/butchers/corner shops. Then you’ll be putting a smile on well more than one face. 

Moral of the story? February is the month of love, but also food. If you want to show someone you care about them, cook their favourite meal, buy them a gift voucher to their favourite restaurant or leave them a parcel of goodies. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does show that you care. 

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Eryn Barber

A personal trainer and content writer, with a background writing nutrition and fitness articles. Her main passion is anything and everything to do with food. She is a keen baker and loves writing about her experiences with food. Follow her work-outs on Instagram @erynbarber.

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