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Creamy Vegan Artichoke Soup


Happy Sunday, Soupers! We’ve learned a lot since the last time we tried to make this creamy delicious soup! But, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and now that we’ve made the original recipe countless times, we’re ready to take on its vegan counterpart!

Creamy and light, this soup is prefect for a light lunch or dinner. If you want it thicker, then add a bit more coconut milk or a vegan flour and water mix and stir it into the soup.


2 large artichoke (hearts and petals)
2 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces
3 large mushrooms white mushrooms (raw) — any type is fine
1 red onion
1 leek
1 shallot (raw), chopped
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 green onion, chopped
Chopped chives
Spring of parsley chopped
5 cup(s) vegetable stock with 1 vegetable bouillon cube
3 bay leaves
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Pinch salt and pepper to taste
1 cup, coconut milk (soy, almond, rice or oat as alternatives work fine)
Pinch of nutmeg
1 tablespoon coconut butter
1 squeeze lemon

Author picture
Carolyn Moncel

Carolyn Davenport-Moncel is a digital media and communication consultant, author, mother, contrarian, book, music and reformed veggie lover and Founder and Souper-in-Chief at Simply Souperlicious, a platform devoted to helping fans "fall back in love with veggies" -- one local, seasonal, soup recipe at a time. Follow her veggie and soup journey on social media @simplysouperlicious.

by Carolyn Moncel
  • Prep 25min
  • Cook80min
  • Meal Time Lunch
  • Serves 4


  1. Bring stock to a boil. Add balsamic vinegar, and bay leaves to the stock.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook for about 20 minutes.
  3. Peel back the artichoke petals until the hearts are exposed.
  4. Finely chop both the artichoke petals and hearts and place them in a bowl.
  5. Chop leeks, garlic, shallots, potatoes and mushrooms.
  6. Heat butter in a pan, and add garlic, leeks, shallots, potatoes and mushrooms. Cook for about 2 minutes
  7. Add chopped artichoke hearts to the pan mixture. Cook for another 2 minutes. Then, remove from the heat.
  8. Add vegetable mixture from the pan to the boiling stock and continue cooking on low heat for 1 hour.
  9. Remove the bay leaves from the soup.
  10. Add a spring of parsley to the soup. Remove the soup mixture from heat and cool for roughly 5 minutes before transferring to blender.
  11. Add milk to mixture in the blender. Blend to desire consistency.
  12. Re-add the soup to the kettle and add a splash of lemon juice. Add more salt and pepper to taste.
  13. Strain the soup at least three times before serving. NOTE: important step as the soup may be too thick.
  14. Finish off with the final sprig of parsley and serve in a bowl.

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