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Simply Souperlicious Featured in “Bullet Appétit – Volume One”

Simply Souperlicious is featured in Mega Cat Studio’s e-book series, “Bullet Appétit – Volume One”.

The e-book series celebrates the launch of the Mega Cat Studio’s new RPG shooter game, “Bite the Bullet”, which encourages players to eat food in order to power up their character, weapons and abilities.  Each recipe appears in the game as Easter eggs, and when discovered, mega fans can up their skills in the kitchen by making these quick-an-easy recipes themselves. Simply Souperlicious’ contribution? Creamy Roasted Pomodoro Tomato and Avocado Soup!

According to the Mega Cat Studio website, “it is said that food and games go together like ‘chicken and dumplings’…”  This two e-book series, which made its debut on August 7-8, 2020, features chefs, home cooks and foodies, all providing some of their favorite recipes to encourage healthy eating while playing.

Check out this cool game and some of our personal favorite video game memories.

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