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Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Issue 2 – September 15, 2020

Hey, Soupers! Guess what’s finally here? Yup, Soup Season! Faster than you can use your crusty bread to sop up any remaining liquid from your bowl, our latest newsletter has some veggie and soup inspiration worthy of your taste buds!

What’s New …

Kitchen Music: In case you haven’t guessed by now, I LOVE music. I cannot fathom the idea of entering a kitchen and cooking without it. So, once per month, I’ll give you a peek into what I’m listening to while I cook. I’m partial to all genres of “old school” – soul, alternative rock, hip-hop, but with youngins in the house, I can’t promise that no new music will creep into this list! And, the best part, we’ll happily take your requests! Feel free to share your playlists with us by tagging @SimplySouperlicious in your Instagram stories using #SouperMusic. We’re even up for creating and sharing our own version of Verzuz matchups to share with you while we’re getting food ready.

Veggie Confessions: Falling in love with veggies is like any love affair, right? Sometimes, you meet a new veggie and it’s love at first bite. While other times, you’ve got to taste it at least 99 times before it’s the right one for you. And well, some never really catch on (no chemistry), but hey, at least you’ve tried. We’ll be sharing our relationships with veggies, and we’ll be kicking it off in defense of the much-maligned “cabbage.”

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