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Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Issue 1 – September 1, 2020

It’s here! Simply Souperlicious Launches Bi-Monthly Newsletter!

Soup season is coming soon and the Simply Souperlicious newsletter is here!

For so many of us around the world, the last seven months have felt like a lifetime. But, even through these very turbulent times, a few truths still remain: first, we come together to care and support one another (family and strangers alike); second, we seize opportunities for change and adapt quite well when challenged; and finally we realize that “wellness” matters for everyone.

Many people ask me why my family and I started this crazy journey (and crazy it’s been), of falling back in love with vegetables and fruits, one local, seasonal, homemade soup at a time. It’s simply because we believe you can re-learn to love veggies and making soups provide a great re-introduction to foods that you didn’t even know that you could love. But, we know from personal experience that this is a darn hard journey! Plus, we are mindful of the fact that everyone is at different stages and different price points on their food journeys, so we promise to always remember this.

Thanks for joining us and please tell a friend! We welcome your ideas as we work to build our veggie-and-soup-eating community, so don’t be shy about dropping us an email or reaching out to us on social media!

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