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Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Issue 5 – November 11, 2020

Hey, Soupers! 

If it’s November, then it’s hunting season or La Chasse in Switzerland. With the return of COVID-19, it’s getting harder to get out, so we’re dedicating this issues to the great outdoors and other earthly goodness!

Hunting has been with us for three million years and has remained, continuing in parallel with the domestication of livestock. But now, hunting is quite regulated. For instance, applicants here in Switzerland, wishing to hunt must obtain a permit that only becomes available at certain times of the year. Applicants also must also sit for an exam, follow laws — especially those that govern the use of firearms. Hunting is mostly a leisure activity, but in Switzerland and even in France where my father-in-law was once an avid hunter, the practice is mostly designed to regulate populations of game.

Finally in Switzerland, the season has a rich culinary tradition. It’s not unusual to find deer, venison, wild boar, pigeon, duck, partridge, hare/rabbit or even mountain goat on the menu of some the country’s finest restaurants. While we don’t indulge much, we’ve found that we do enjoy rabbit stew on occasion. The recipe is below!

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