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Carolyn Moncel Talks Soup, Tech and the Future of Digital Media Professions 

Simply Souperlicious Founder + Souper-in-Chief, Carolyn Davenport-Moncel participated in the Caux Forum entitled, “Ethical Leadership in Business” in Switzerland.

Davenport-Moncel joined the panel session, “Rethinking Trust in the Digital Age.” Along with co-panelist, Morgan Gray (left) from Corteva Agriscience and moderator Rainer Gude (center) from Initiatives of Change Switzerland, she discussed the ways in which organizations are working to build and maintain digital trust.  Additionally, she also shared her experiences in working in digital media now and highlighted where careers and responsibilities in digital media may go in the future.

In a separate session devoted to personal stories called “The Human Factor in Technology,” Davenport-Moncel introduced Simply Souperlicious and explained the surprising parallels between technological innovation and soup making.

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