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Lettuce. Are You Bored Already?  

Let’s just face facts. Lettuce is possibly one of the most boring vegetables. Yeah that’s right, I said it. It’s made up of 96% water, so the closest thing to eating lettuce (especially iceberg) is drinking a glass of water. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.  

Lettuce Entertain You This Summer

Picture this. It’s summer, the sun is beaming and the BBQ is blazing. The scent of burgers is swirling across the garden and making its way up your nasal passage and suddenly your mouth begins to water. Is that drool I see? Regardless of whether it’s beef, chicken or vegan, a burger is possibly one of the most satisfying dishes you could eat. It hits all five senses, so you’re getting a taste sensation on all fronts. What could possibly make it better? Lettuce. 

It’s all about contrast. So, back to our image. You’ve got your burger on a rubbish but necessary paper plate and you’re adding your toppings. Personally I’d go for a brioche bun (it holds better) followed by the burger, slice of gouda and shredded iceberg lettuce, before you top with the bun and forge together the perfect burger. When you take that first bite, yes the burger tastes incredible, but it’s the fresh, crisp lettuce against the soft patty that finishes it off for me. Burgers are pretty stodgy and often rich, it’s the lightness of the lettuce that really balances it out and brings yin to the yang. 

Lettuce Convince You Further

Even after reading this, you probably still think lettuce is one of the least superior vegetables, and I get that. The thing about lettuce is, it’s never going to be the star of the show, but it will always be a fantastic supporting actor. Lettuce has got your back in every dish you choose to use it in. It’s not bothered about standing in the limelight, lettuce is happy to complement whatever other food it’s being served with, and for that, I truly respect lettuce. 

Benefits of Lettuce

Now we know the role lettuce plays in our meal, it’s time to learn about what the leafy green has to offer. There are several different varieties, as there are with most vegetables, however the most common include Leaf, Romaine and Iceberg. Each offers different flavours, with Romaine offering a slightly bitter taste compared to its counterparts. All varieties of lettuce are rich in vitamins K and A and also offer a source of iron and folate. It’s pretty shocking the leaf has so much to offer considering how little flavour it has to offer.  

I’m sure those jaw dropping nutritional facts have more than likely convinced you that lettuce should be respected a little more if my vivid depiction of eating a burger didn’t already sell it to you. Next time you go to prepare a delicious meal, take a step back and think about lettuce. Would this brilliant plant take your dish to the next level? 

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Eryn Barber

A personal trainer and content writer, with a background writing nutrition and fitness articles. Her main passion is anything and everything to do with food. She is a keen baker and loves writing about her experiences with food. Follow her work-outs on Instagram @erynbarber.

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