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Food Travel from Your Sofa

No matter where you are in the world right now, you’re probably stuck there. Given the global pandemic, we’ve all got a bit of cabin fever being stuck in the same country, city and sofa for quite some time. Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it might be some time before we’re out venturing the European streets sipping wine and enjoying fine foods. 

I don’t mean to get you down, but that’s the truth. For those of us that love to travel, and especially travel and eat, we’ve got to cling on a little bit longer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite things. Fortunately for us, there’s a little thing called Netflix. Jam packed with food and travel programmes to keep up busy and get us prepared for when the time finally comes. So, here’s a rundown of some of my favourite food travel programmes on Netflix, that will inspire you to get cooking, or maybe even plan your next trip. 

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  

This comes first because it’s a favourite of mine. Anthony Bourdain takes food and travel to a whole new level. Not only because you discover local culinary delights, but in each episode you learn about the culture and the everyday lives of people living in the different cities. 

The thing that stands out the most about this series? Bourdain wasn’t afraid to visit places where others wouldn’t dare. You’ll know exactly what I mean if you watch the episode in Libya. You’ll discover so much more than country famous dishes, you get to see what people eat in their homes. Plus you’ve got 13 series and plenty of content to get through. 

Ugly Delicious  

Dave Chang is another favourite chef of mine. His restaurant Momofuku in Las Vegas is definitely on my list of places to visit. This is a fantastic programme if you are interested in learning more about the history of food and how it has evolved over time, whilst also drooling over delicious dishes. 

Each episode focuses on a particular food, then Chang and his team explore how that dish has been adapted to suit different cultures and changed over time. All I need to say is this…immediately after watching the fried chicken episode, I got straight in my car and drove to KFC. Yes, it’s that influential. 

Chef’s Table 

If you’re a foodie then chances are you’ve heard of this. In-fact, no you won’t have just heard of it, you’ll have binged watched it, then compiled a list of all the places you need to visit from the programme. And if you haven’t done that, that’s exactly what you’re about to do. 

Chef’s table is the best of the best when it comes to Chefs all around the world. Each season surrounds a specific topic, from Chef’s table France to a whole series dedicated to pastry (I know). They follow the lives of influential chefs, delving into their philosophies and techniques. The series is so aesthetically pleasing you’ll be just as blown away with the cinematography as you will the food. 

Here’s the bottom line. We can’t do these things ourselves, so instead we’ll have to be satisfied with watching everyone else do them. Although it might seem like a kick in the teeth, and you’ll be itching to go yourself, use this as planning time. Watch the programmes and make the most detailed food trip of your life. Next time you’re away you won’t be wandering the streets starving, finding the closest tourist hotspot. Instead, you’ll have pre-book and pre-planned all of Bourdain’s favourite places. 

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Eryn Barber

A personal trainer and content writer, with a background writing nutrition and fitness articles. Her main passion is anything and everything to do with food. She is a keen baker and loves writing about her experiences with food. Follow her work-outs on Instagram @erynbarber.

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